Promo: Tales of the Little Engine for $0.99

Tales of the Little Engine has been updated with a shiny new cover! The ebook has been recoded to fix some remaining typos and to fix the issue with the Table of Contents on the Kindle.

To celebrate, Tales will be on sale for $0.99 or your local equivalent for the entire month of October.

Title: Tales of the Little Engine
Release Date: 8 October 2014
Genre: ,
Pages: 67

Jan would like nothing more than to carry people across the mountains like the big trains do. When the steam train gets the chance to do just that, will it manage? And will it find happiness?

Together with its canine friend Mister Whiskers, the bravest little engine finds itself right in the middle of several magical mysteries. The narrow pass between its hometown of Vawick and the city of Dunnsbridge is haunted by the Nethertrain and its minions, but the bravest little engine isn't afraid. When the Nethertrain learns of the little engine's intrusion, it is furious. Can the bravest little engine and Mister Whiskers find a way to stop the Nethertrain once and for all?

Accompanied by two essays on the influences and ideas behind the stories, "Tales of the Little Engine" collects some of the adventures of two very different little steam engines. Join Jan as it learns that, sometimes, dreams come true slightly differently from how we think they should or tag along with the bravest little engine as it travels around Vawick and Dunnsbridge.

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New Release: Courage Is the Price

A nebulous shape floating through space in predominantly purple and pink hues. Cover for Courage Is the Price.

Available Now: Amazon, Kobo

Other retailers coming soon.

My first foray into science fiction! Sort of. Courage Is the Price is a YA science fantasy novella with a dash of the paranormal (only not quite) and scads of adventure and excitement. Here let me give you the description:

Seventeen-year-old Rue doesn’t need any friends other than Ghost, her not-so-imaginary best friend. They’ve been inseparable for as long as Rue can remember and Rue shares everything with Ghost.

The day before Rue returns home from school for the long holiday, Ghost disappears. Ever-fretful Rue tries to tell herself it’s fine, but she knows something is horribly, terribly wrong. She’ll have to overcome her anxiety find her courage and push her boundaries further than she ever thought possible in order to save her best friend, and perhaps make some new ones as Rue finds herself drawn into the fringes of a secret battle for human survival.

Soft science fiction meets fantasy in this exciting novella-length adventure of daring and friendship.

It’s a story filled with women. There’s no romance! (Well, I lie. There’s a tiny hint of romance that gets mentioned in passing.) It is all about friendship and learning to be your own person and doing things even when you’re scared to do them. (And acknowledging that anxiety doesn’t just magically disappear once you do something scary once.) It’s a story about discovering strengths you never knew you had.

Mostly it’s a story about friendship between women, though, and how our friendships can bring out the best in us.

Also ghosts in space. IN SPACE. (I still can’t get over that one.) The science fiction elements are actually really light touches, more along the lines of Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch books or the Women Destroy Science Fiction special by Lightspeed, so if you’re going into it expecting masses of science details or lots of space ships, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. (I blame the space station.)

Courage Is the Price is a story I wrote for a friend and that took much longer than I’d thought it would. I’m really sorry it took so long! But I think the extra time it took was so very much worth it. Rue has GAD and I drew a lot on my own experiences with anxiety and panic attacks. That made the writing particularly slow because I kept having to take breaks to restore my own headspace. I am so, so happy to have finished it and be able to share it with you all.

It’s a thrilling, fast-paced read that I hope you’ll all be able to enjoy. ^_^

As a special release promo, it’s available from retailers at a reduced price until the end of July.

It’s also available from Payhip at a slightly more expensive cost to (hopefully) cover Paypal transaction and conversion fees. (European shoppers: remember that Payhip prices already include VAT.) I’m sorry about the inconvenience, but I hope you all understand!

Promo: Feather by Feather and Other Stories

Cover for Feather by Feather and Other Stories

Effective as soon as the price changes cycle through (and immediately on Payhip), Feather by Feather and Other Stories will be for sale at a promotional price of $2.99 for the remainder of April, all of May and June. That’s three months in which the book will be on sale for $2.99.

Payhip’s social discount for sharing the book with your friends will net you another 25% off that price.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is also an experiment with pricing points. Depending on the outcome, I may return the price to $5.99 or fiddle around with the numbers some more. I may also experiment with the pricing for A Promise Broken at a later date.

I hope anyone who’s bought the book at the original price point will understand and I’ll do my best to report on the effects of the changes honestly and fairly!

Guest post at Earl Grey Editing

Today I’ve had a guest post at Earl Grey Editing about my first experience with professional serialised fiction.

I’m very grateful to Elizabeth for having me. Elizabeth is a dear friend and a talented editor and author, as well as a fellow blogger. We had a co-review/book conversation about Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce earlier this year.

Release: A Promise Broken

Cover for A Promise Broken

Check out the webserial WIP before buying.
Available now from Amazon (US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FRES, IT, JP, IN, BR, MX), KoboB&N, iTunesPage Foundry, Scribd.

Not all promises can be kept. Four-year-old Eiryn doesn’t understand why her mother left her, but she knows things will never be the same again. When Eiryn tries to call for water during her mother’s funeral, everything starts to go wrong. Her uncle is always sad; her best friend is always getting himself into fights; some of the other children hate her… Sometimes Eiryn even struggles to get through the day. She’s determined to make everyone happy, though. Eiryn promised and even if her mother won’t keep her word Eiryn will keep hers. She’ll make everything right again.

KDP Title Promotions

As the holiday season is slowly approaching, it’s high time to run a few promotions. I have, at present, two books enrolled with KDP Select, so after some debating I’ve decided to give the Countdown Deals a whirl.

From December 5th to December 12th, Tales of the Little Engine will be discounted on It’ll be $0.99 for the first three days and $1.99 for the last four days.

Directly afterwards, I’ll be running a Countdown Deal for Feather by Feather and Other Stories on both and

On the deal schedule looks like this:

December 13: $0.99
December 14-15: $1.99
December 16: $2.99
December 17: $3.99
December 18-19: $4.99

On the deal schedule looks like this:

December 13-14: £0.99
December 15-16: £1.99
December 17-19: £2.99

The difference happens because the UK price is numerically lower than the US price and the increments are all set as 1 dollar/pound intervals. This is also why there is no matching Countdown Deal for Tales of the Little Engine: the UK price is numerically too low for Amazon to allow me to create a deal for the book.

I’m considering changing this in 2015, so all the books have a nice round price tag (as I’ve seen recommended), but I haven’t yet decided.

I hope you’ll enjoy yourself if you decide to pick up one of the books!

Interview on Tales of the Marvelous

Tales of the Marvelous interviewed me about Tales of the Little Engine and reviewed the book earlier this week. Thank you, Cheryl! ^_^

Cheryl is a friend and fellow author/blogger and a wonderful writer herself. I’ve previously interviewed her and reviewed her latest book as well, so if you like fairytale retellings be sure to check out her books as well.