KDP Title Promotions

As the holiday season is slowly approaching, it’s high time to run a few promotions. I have, at present, two books enrolled with KDP Select, so after some debating I’ve decided to give the Countdown Deals a whirl.

From December 5th to December 12th, Tales of the Little Engine will be discounted on Amazon.com. It’ll be $0.99 for the first three days and $1.99 for the last four days.

Directly afterwards, I’ll be running a Countdown Deal for Feather by Feather and Other Stories on both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

On Amazon.com the deal schedule looks like this:

December 13: $0.99
December 14-15: $1.99
December 16: $2.99
December 17: $3.99
December 18-19: $4.99

On Amazon.co.uk the deal schedule looks like this:

December 13-14: £0.99
December 15-16: £1.99
December 17-19: £2.99

The difference happens because the UK price is numerically lower than the US price and the increments are all set as 1 dollar/pound intervals. This is also why there is no matching Amazon.co.uk Countdown Deal for Tales of the Little Engine: the UK price is numerically too low for Amazon to allow me to create a deal for the book.

I’m considering changing this in 2015, so all the books have a nice round price tag (as I’ve seen recommended), but I haven’t yet decided.

I hope you’ll enjoy yourself if you decide to pick up one of the books!

Interview on Tales of the Marvelous

Tales of the Marvelous interviewed me about Tales of the Little Engine and reviewed the book earlier this week. Thank you, Cheryl! ^_^

Cheryl is a friend and fellow author/blogger and a wonderful writer herself. I’ve previously interviewed her and reviewed her latest book as well, so if you like fairytale retellings be sure to check out her books as well.