Feather by Feather Promotional Coupon

Feather by Feather and Other StoriesBecause I’m pulling Feather by Feather and Other Stories from non-Amazon retailers on October 31st, I’m offering up a Smashwords coupon special for anyone who’d like to get it from a different retailer.

From now until October 30st, you can get Feather by Feather and Other Stories for $2.00 from Smashwords by entering the following coupon code upon checkout: HX78R

There will be a matching promo once the book is Amazon-exclusive, so if you’d rather buy it on Amazon you may want to hold off buying until November/December.

I hope anyone who decides to nab a copy of Feather by Feather will enjoy it!

If you’re unsure whether you’d like the collection, you can read the sample provided by the retailers or you can check out the online sampler. The sampler features 30,000 words of content. That’s about a third of the collection as a whole.

Release: Tales of the Little Engine

Tales of the Little Engine

Check out The Little Engine That Couldn’t before buying or the release prompt call (open until October 15th)
Available now from Amazon (US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FRES, IT, JP, IN, BR, MX).

Jan would like nothing more than to carry people across the mountains like the big trains do. When the steam train gets the chance to do just that, will it manage? And will it find happiness?

Together with its canine friend Mister Whiskers, the bravest little engine finds itself right in the middle of several magical mysteries. The narrow pass between its hometown of Vawick and the city of Dunnsbridge is haunted by the Nethertrain and its minions, but the bravest little engine isn’t afraid. When the Nethertrain learns of the little engine’s intrusion, it is furious. Can the bravest little engine and Mister Whiskers find a way to stop the Nethertrain once and for all?

Accompanied by two essays on the influences and ideas behind the stories, “Tales of the Little Engine” collects some of the adventures of two very different little steam engines. Join Jan as it learns that, sometimes, dreams come true slightly differently from how we think they should or tag along with the bravest little engine as it travels around Vawick and Dunnsbridge.